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Risorsa 7

Pyxis Project

PYXIS is a very powerful tool which reproduces the plant in a three-dimensional way with a strong realism and a high grade of fidelity, both graphically and as a process functionality. The product has two different environments:

  • 3D FIELD SIMULATOR which simulates the field operations in the plant, being a 3D environment, having a human interface as PC and speaking, in a dynamical way, with the O&MTS which simulates control room operations.
  • IMMERSIVE DYNAMIC SIMULATOR which has the same features of the 3D Field Simulator, but in an immersive 3D environment

PYXIS is a software to easily create and effectively deploy high-value 3D interactive solutions.

  • Load a 3D model – Easy-to-use toolchain for importing existing industrial 3D CAD models (any format, any size) and for defining model’s interactive items. When 3D models are not available, we create them through surveys/usage of our extensive library of ready-to-use industrial components.
  • Upscale graphic quality – When you load CAD like models, colors and textures of the model objects are usually not very realistic. We have implemented cost-effective tools to easily upscale the graphic quality of the target model.
  • Create simulation scenarios – Intuitive visual tool to allow complete control of the simulation scenarios. The Module Editor supports easy creation of simulation logic + mappings to external OTS/simulation engines via OPC interface. No programming skills are required to use the editor.
  • Deploy (any device)

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